Guide or any kind of help
swimming in wonderful sea
climbing on craters
yoga with sea view
fishing with locals
Stromboli and the eruptions
pomice and obsidian
Caolino and the wilderness
eating sunsets ;-)
just a dream - cheers
volcanic nature
the Aeolian orchid - caper

I'm Swiss and live on Lipari since the new millenium have started. I'm a tourism expert and can help for advices and organization. Naturally I can help for any convenience on place (any case of need)

  • Assistance on Lipari
  • individual impartial advices for your trip organization
  • all about the Aeolian's with a winky Swiss eye
  • trekking pathes and if needed trekking guide
  • boat hiring, boat experience, special trips
  • museum guide / volcano guide / trip guide

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You contact me and we'll meet of your convenience.

I love my adopted home and I'm happy to share it with you. All secrets about the Aeolians that don't want to be called Sicilians or Italians on an island tour or on a boat experience? I'm looking forward to it.

Tour guide - Boat guide - Trekking guide - Biking guide - Nature guide - Volcano guide - Museum guide

Professional impartial solutions for you: first you tell me your expectations and then I deliver and you choose.

  • what about Aiolos, Liparus, the Obsidian or the pomice?
  • when do they collect the capers and how to conserve?
  • divine nectar and get to know the local grapes?
  • flora and fauna see, touch, listen, hear
  • how to visit the other islands and why which?
  • taste wonderful local food at home of eloquent Aeolian
  • boat experiences by day and by night, with or without fishing, with or without snorkeling
  • and many more...

You ask, I deliver proposals and solutions.

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