Vulcano Tour
Venus swimmingpool
Gelso paradise
sulfur onshore
Captain Giovanni
hot springs in the sea
mud water
sicilian pizza
Gelso harbour
horse cave
Gelso sandy black beach
local delicious food

Vulcano island at it's best! All aspects of a wonderful island: sandy black beach, snorkeling caves, wonderful local food and last but not least volcanic activity to touch and smell.

  • swimming and snorkeling in wonderful caves
  • mud water and hot springs in the sea
  • sulfur onshore and offshore
  • sandy black beach with local food
  • Vulcano and Vulcanello
  • water and fruits
  • snorkeling goggles
  • Prosecco
Not included
  • food
  • flippers
Duration6 Hours or 7 Hours
ParticipantsVulcano tour da 2 a massimo di 10 persone
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Further information

Vulcano island offers a wide spectrum of fascination: there are not only the mud water and the sulfur in the main center, but also many hidden angles around the island, like the beautiful Venus Swimmingpool beside the Horse Cave. Lunch stop at Gelso, a little harbour at the south side of the island with sandy beaches and local food. Lots of snorkeling and swimming and get to know all about Vulcano

please mention for english guide

(please contact us previously to know about climbing the crater)

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